Our mission at Pensacola Beer is to cover and promote the burgeoning craft beer scene in Pensacola and the surrounding area. We aim to be Pensacola's best resource for new pubs, beers, tastings, events, and beer culture.

The Team

Gary Ryan (co-editor)

Gary was born, raised, and lives in Pensacola with his girlfriend and two mutts. When not writing at Pensacola Beer he can be found rooting on the Red Sox or taking day trips to New Orleans. Though a recent convert to craft beer (wait, there's more out there than Bud Light?), he's excited to see the local scene growing and hopes Pensacola Beer can do a small part in helping it continue.

Terry Ryan (co-editor)

Terry was born, raised, and went to college in Pensacola but now lives in northern Virginia. Already a wine geek for the last decade he was a late arriver to the craft beer movement. Introduced to the incredibly rewarding world of craft beer by a friend and homebrewer, he is quickly making up for lost time. He was happy to find a thriving craft beer movement in the VA area but was equally excited when visting his home town of Pensacola to find the local craft beer community making great headways as well. Having access to many great local beer blogging sites in VA but finding little in that regards in Pensacola, he couldn't pass up the chance to get involved with the Pensacola craft beer community while at the same time learning more about craft beer himself by contributing to Pensacola Beer.