Growler Independence Day

 " Filling a growler " by  Buzz Anderson  is licensed under  CC BY 2.0

"Filling a growler" by Buzz Anderson is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Tomorrow is the big day for Florida, Growler Independence Day that is, for it will finally be legal to fill a 64oz (1/2 gallon) growler starting Wednesday, 1 July 2015.

For those who may not have been following this long battle for 64oz growler freedom, Florida has been restricted to filling only 32oz growler or 128oz (gallon) growlers. There are valid reasons to celebrate this change:

  • Better Size
    Growlers only keep beer fresh for a limited time, which becomes even more limited once it is opened. A gallon of beer is a lot to consume in a short time, a 1/2 gallon is much more convenient. For those situations where you truly want a gallon... of course you can get two 64oz growlers.

  • Industry Standard
    Us craft beer lovers are a funny group, it is very common for us to keep some empty growlers in our vehicles "just in case" we make an impromptu stop at a brewery. For those visiting Florida, it was often a shock to find out you couldn't fill the normal 64oz growler but instead had to buy a 128oz growler to use specifically for Florida due to our odd laws.

So how can you celebrate this momentus occasion? Everyone can join in, no matter where you are, in the Florida Brewers Guild "Statewide Growler Toast".

There are also local events planned for the occasion:

Pensacola Bay Brewery
Pensacola Bay Brewery will have a 30% discount on growler fills. No matter what size growler. They will also be rolling out our new 64oz growlers.

Grayton Beer Company
Grayton Beer Company will be hosting a Growler Party, free fills with a purchase of a growler. $2 pints of Pale Ale, $2 bottles of Original, a firkin of Belgian Tripel with lemongrass and pomegranate, Unoaked Treble Hook (Belgian Tripel) on tap, and food.

Hopjacks 9-Mile
Hopjacks will be holding a Growler Roll-Out at their nine mile location on Friday, July 3rd. Buy their "North Star Burger" along with a 32oz swing-top growler for only $9.99. Price does not include growler fill. Don't worry, we've been told Hopjacks will be ordering 64oz growlers in the future and they will already be able to fill third-party 64oz growler.

Monitor PensacolaBeer's twitter account and we will be tweeting any other Growler Independence Day events as we see them.