Review: Liberty APA by Funky Skunk Brewing

Funky Skunk Brewing is a Pensacola nano-brewery in planning we first covered back in January, 2013. In March of the same year we reviewed Devil's Tail Amber Ale and came away impressed.

After a brief hiatus owner and brew master Eddie Garrison is back at work making his dream a reality. We recently got our hands on Funky Skunk Brewing's Liberty APA, a recent Bronze Medal winner at the 9th Annual Brew Master Competition in Green Bay, Wisconson in March. Here's how Garrison describes the Liberty APA:

This American Pale Ale (APA) is an adaptation of classic British pale ale. The American Ale yeast strain we used produces less ester than comparable ale yeasts, and thus Liberty has a less fruity taste than its British counterpart. Liberty has a medium to dark amber color and a hint of sweet caramel from the use of crystal malt that does not mask the hop finish. The American hops used in Liberty (Northern Brewer & Cascade) will not be overkill on bitterness but allows you to taste what we consider the true style of an American Pale Ale."

We're using the Beer Advocate Ratings System, and as usual the girlfriend is assisting with the review.

Funky Skunk Brewing's Liberty APA

Appearance: 3.5
Pours a dark, caramel color with a half inch head. Intense carbonation and slightly cloudy.

Smell: 4.0
A light, wonderfully sweet smell, not overpowering. You know how you're walking past your favorite pub and suddenly you're drawn in by the delicious smell of beer? Just like that, welcoming.

Taste: 5.0
Sweet up front, then bam, nice and hoppy at the end. Sharp, with just the right amount of bite that still allows easy drinking.

Mouth Feel: 5.0
Medium body with a long finish. Good carbonation which keeps it from feeling syrupy or too heavy. Feels alive in your mouth.

Overall: 4.5
Intense and delicious, easy to drink. Tough to find any faults. As the girlfriend said, "just a really good beer".

Final Score: 4.63

If you'd like to learn more about Eddie Garrison and Funky Skunk Brewing be sure to check out their website. You can also follow Funky Skunk Brewing's Twitter and Facebook accounts.