Gnome Week 2013

Brown Distributing recently announced "Gnome Week" 2013 in their newsletter. The week is dedicated to "Brasserie d’ Achouffe", the Achouffe Brewery in Belgium and includes events throughout Florida. Brown provided the following details about the week:

Beer weeks are fun and give the whole community an opportunity to experience different beers, beer pairings, unique products from National and Local Breweries and on and on... but this upcoming week is different from all other "Beer Weeks". It is Gnome Week! Gnomes are mystical creatures that date back hundreds of years in lore... What do they possibly have to do with beer?

Brasserie d'Achouffe was founded in the 1970s by Christian Bauweraerts and Pierre Gobron in the quaint village of Achouffe, Belgium. Belgium, being long known for the quality of its unique style of beer, hadn't seen a new brewery open in ages much less one that could produce the quality of the beer that the Brasserie does.

The legend goes that there was a colony of gnomes who once brewed enough beer to keep the entire nation of Belgium drunk year 'round. The beer flowed from a spring in the woods that was once the secret meeting place of the Knights of Templar and also became known as the Valley of the Fairies.

Years later the area was devastated by plague and collapse, thus the goblin brewery was destroyed. The lone survivor, a goblin named A'Chouffe visited the brother-in-laws and imparted the recipe of the classic golden La Chouffe to them. They have included his image on every bottle ever since.

Join us this week for some fun events that celebrate the Gnomes who have passed down this recipe and kept it alive for us to enjoy. They brew some great beer and there will be lots of fun gnomes floating about in their red gnome hats all over town... Will you catch one near you?

There are several "Gnome Week" events planned for our area:

  • Dress Like a Gnome Run
    Location: World of Beer - Palafox (Pensacola)
    When: Wednesday, September 18th, 6pm
    Dress like a Gnome for World of Beer's Run Club. Special discounts for run club participants which will have Chouffe beers available.

  • La Chouffe Brewery Night
    Location: Hopjacks Filling Station (Pensacola)
    When: Friday, September 20th, 6pm
    Brasserie d' Achouffe beers will be available for tasting and drinking as well as glassware and gnome hat giveaways.

  • La Chouffe Brewery Night
    Location: Beach Liquors (FWB)
    When: Friday, September 20th, 6pm
    Gnome Week tasting and beers from Brasserie d' Achouffe. There will also be some glassware and gnome hat giveaways during the event.

  • La Chouffe Brewery Night
    Location: KCs Tap Works (FWB)
    When: Friday, September 20th, 7pm
    Glass giveaways, raffles, and great beer from Brasserie d' Achouffe.