Hopjacks Filling Station Brings Back Free Beer Tastings

Hopjacks Filling Station recently announced that they are bringing back free tastings and this time around they will be alternating between beer and wine. The tastings will take place every Thursday from 5:30 - 7:30 pm (unless otherwise announced) beginning next Thursday August 8th with a wine tasting. The first beer tasting taking place the following Wednesday August 14th (did we say "unless otherwise announced"?). The currently scheduled beer tastings are as follows:

Beer Tastings

Both of us at Pensacola Beer actually started off as oenophiles (keep that to yourselves) and since we know of no wine equivalent of our site (Where are you PensacolaWine?), it felt wrong to just drop the wine tastings. So here you go:

Wine Tastings

All tastings have been added to the Pensacola Beer Events Calendar, so make sure to take advantage of these free tastings and possibly learn a little about the wonderful world of craft beer.