World of Beer - Palafox Looking to Expand

It's been a little over a year since World of Beer opened in downtown Pensacola, and they're already looking to expand.

According to Wear TV, World of Beer is adding a covered patio to Blend, a cocktail bar connected to WOB, and a kitchen. Currently, World of Beer doesn't offer food, though deliveries from surrounding restaurants are encouraged.

The expansion will add 20 full time jobs, and construction should be finished by November.

Wear TV is also reporting that World of Beer purchased the building next door for 1.5 million dollars. Businesses currently taking residence in the building include Grand Reserve Cigar & Smoke Shop, Four Seasons Market & Eatery, and the Christian Science Reading Room.

Though Wear TV reports rumors that long term plans include turning the building into a high rise with with retail shops on the bottom, and business and residential space up top, owner Scott Zepp claims there are no plans for the property at this time.