1st WoB - Palafox Loyalty Party

This Thursday, June 27th, World of Beer - Palafox is holding its first Loyalty Party. The concept is simple, wear your loyalty reward shirt and you'll get a special discount. The discount keeps getting better for each point level you've achieved:

  • All Loyalty Members: 25% off of bottle selections

  • 100+: 25% off everything

  • 250+: 1/2 off your entire tab

Never heard of the WoB Loyalty Card? You can read all about it on their website. But to summarize, the card costs $15 and when you sign up you will immediately receive a free WoB t-shirt. Once you have your card, you'll earn a point for every different beer you buy at any WoB and at various point levels you'll earn rewards!

Taking the party to the next level, WoB will also have a ferkin of Habanera Cottonmouth from Swamphead Brewery. Not only an opportunity to try a unique beer but also earn a new loyalty point!

Event Summary
Event: WoB Loyalty Party
Location: World of Beer - Palafox
When: Thursday, June 27th
Note: Don't forget to wear your loyalty reward shirt to get discounts!