Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Good Beer

If you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day tomorrow you'll find plenty of local options. If you're into green beer and dressing up as leprechauns, then we've got you covered. But if you're looking to simply go out and drink a couple pints of good beer, as any true Irishman would, you've got options as well.

World of Beer is celebrating St. Patrick's Day with 4 dollar Irish brews including Guinness, Harp, Smithwick's, and Magners Irish Cider.

Mellow Mushroom is also running several St. Patrick Day specials including 3 dollar Rogue Irish Ale and Widmer O'Ryeley's IPA as well as $2 dollar Guinness.

And lastly, but perhaps most intriguingly, Ozone Pizza Pub is offering a 10 inch St. Patrick's Day Specialty Pie with housemade dough, sweet pea puree, caramelized onions, braised beef brisket, and red cabbage slaw topped with English Cheddar cheese. Best of all you get to wash it down with a 20oz imperial pint of your choosing. If you've never been to Ozone Pizza Pub, they serve some of the best pizza in Pensacola.

You can find more information on all the venues listed on our Pensacola Beer Locations page.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Pensacola Beer!