Swamp Head Brewery Now In Pensacola

Image courtesy of Swamp Head Brewery Just last summer I read Florida Bar Tab's article "Swamp Head: Fun with Beer" and was happy to hear that Swamp Head Brewery's goal was to distribute to all of Florida:

The folks there say the goal is to get statewide and then stop. They want to be a Florida beer and be true to the state.

I excitedly posted on twitter about the good news only to receive the slightly disheartening response from Swamp Head:

We'll have beer flowing in the Panhandle eventually, but probably won't be soon... #bummerforthepanhandle

In my mind, this meant it would be at least a couple of years. Well, Swamp Head pleasantly surprised me by announcing that they are now distributing to the Panhandle.

Swamp Head is well known for making great beer, their Year Round Fleet includes:

  • Wild Night: Cream Ale brewed with Tupelo Honey

  • Cottonmouth: A fruity and refreshing Belgian Wheat Bier

  • Stump Knocker: A hop-focused American IPA

  • Midnight Oil: A delightfully smooth stout with a pronounced flavor of organic french roast coffee

  • Big Nose: A beautifully aromatic India Pale Ale

Swamp Head is distributed by Brown Distributing. Also, Brown's website includes a "Beer Finder" which is a wonderful tool to help you find who is carrying Swamp Head's beer (make sure to select Swamp Head from the brewery drop-down).

Ready to get your hands on some Swamp Head at your favorite Pensacola locations? Make sure to let them know!