Hopjacks - Downtown Celebrates 5th Anniversary

The craft beer scene in Pensacola has flourished during recent years, including the arrivals of Pensacola Bay Brewery in 2010 and World of Beer in 2012.

But it was Hopjacks opening way back in 2008 that helped jump-start the local scene, and it's not a stretch to admit that without Hopjacks there probably wouldn't be a Pensacola Beer. Not only did Hopjacks bring great beer to Pensacola, but they've been actively involved in promoting and growing the local community.

Of course, Hopjacks didn't stop with their downtown location. They've since opened Hopjacks - 9 Mile Road and Hopjacks Filling Station. But it was their downtown location that started it all, and where a celebration will be held tomorrow night (Wed the 13th) from 7 pm to close.

Hopjacks has been secretive about the festivities, but I'm sure they have a few things planned. At the very least, you'll be helping support a great local establishment, and showing them your appreciation for the past 5 years, and hopefully many more to come.