Atlas Oyster House to Host Beer Classes

If you're looking to improve your craft beer knowledge this year, you're in luck. Atlas Oyster House is teaming up with the Lewis Bear Company for a series of craft beer classes starting Thursday January 3rd from 5:30 to 6:30 pm and continuing every first Thursday monthly through June.

Each class will feature a tasting of three craft beers along with an informative presentation from a noted brewery. The first class will feature the Pensacola Bay Brewery and co-owner Elliot Eckland. Those attending will receive one 6 ounce glass of the following beers:

Attendees can also expect pop quizzes with T-shirts, glassware, and gift certificates as prizes.

The cost is 10 dollars per person, and reservations (required) can be made by calling Jennifer Knisbell at (850) 261-6451 or emailing her at