The Mother of All Beer Weeks

American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) "The Mother of all Beer Weeks", takes place next week May 14 - 20.

Local Beer Weeks across America have become very popular and provide craft beer lovers a great opportunity to celebrate and show their support for the craft beer industry. The Brewer's Association (BA) and the publishers of celebrate a nation wide Beer Week every May.

According to the American Craft Beer Week

offers an exciting opportunity for small and independent craft brewers and the community of better beer retailers to celebrate the ever advancing beer culture here in the U.S. Plus, tens of thousands of today's beer beginners, beer enthusiasts, and hard core beer geeks make time to toast the week.

In addition to celebrating ACBW by paying a visit to your favorite local craft beer establishment, the Brewer Association also provides a unique way for individuals to encourage more establishments to carry craft beer called the Delaration of Beer Independence. Do you know a place that you would love to see carry a selection of craft beer instead of just the typical macro-brews? Head over to BA's website where you can read more about the Declaration and print a copy of it. Then get as many people as you can to sign it and provide a copy to a local retailer who doesn’t currently sell craft beer to show your support for the products of American craft breweries.

Currently, we have no knowledge of any events local to Pensacola being held for ACBW. If you know of any, please contact us and we will list them here.

So here's to a great American Craft Beer Week. Make sure to enjoy it, drink some of your favorite craft brews, try some new ones, and make sure to spread the word!