Open Your Beer with Your Phone

My iPhone is too handy to ever leave my side, but I've never opened a beer with it. Sorry Apple, there's no app for that.

Until now.

For the guy (or girl) who has everything… okay, no app will open a beer, yet, but several companies are making phone cases that double as a 200 hundred dollar beer opener.

My favorite is the Opena Case (clever!). Billed as 'The Worlds first iPhone 4 case with a slide out bottle opener', the metal lever slides out from the case and can pop a top without scratching or putting any pressure on the phone. The Opena works on twist tops as well, and according to their support page also helps you 'pick up chicks'.

What's the thought behind combining a bottle opener with a phone case? From the Australian creators:

If you're anything like us you like to travel light. The one thing we always have on us is our phones. The one thing we always seem to be looking for is a bottle opener. Some of our friends carry bottle openers on their keys but there are times when you don't always have your keys with you, especially if your having a big night out and might be tempted to drive home?

Here's the Opena in action:

The Opena comes in any color as long as it's black or white, sells for 39.95 and shipping is free to the U.S. You can also order custom Opena cases with your logo etched onto the steel bottle opener or printed directly to the case. Seems like a great way to promote your local brewery.

The Opena is not the only beer opening iPhone case on the market. The iBottleopener, a 'party in your pocket', sells for 19.95 and has the opener built into the case. No sliding required. And if you have a BlackBerry or Android phone, you should check out HeadCase (We put the APP in happy hour!) for your phone-bottle-opener needs.

If you have no phone, but do have a dog, then a dog collar and bottle opener in one might interest you. Even handier if you've trained your dog to fetch your beer.

Bud Light? Bad dog!

All links (except bad dog) via BeerAdvocate.